Your Sink Disposal: 7 Things to Avoid Putting in There


Your Sink Disposal: 7 Things to Avoid Putting in There

If you’re fortunate enough to have a sink disposal, you probably use this handy appliance every day. However, if you put the wrong items in this appliance, it’s easy to create a sluggish or clogged drain. Here’s a list of seven things you should never put in this workhorse.

Meat Bones
Bones are a big no-no when it comes to putting them in the disposal. The blades will turn and spin, and sharp bone fragments can become caught in the blades. If the appliance is able to break down part of the bones, they will likely get caught in the plumbing, causing a bigger problem. In addition to clogging your drain, bones or large fragments of meat can become trapped in the drain, causing a foul smell that lingers for days.

Certain Vegetables
Although some vegetables are safe to dispose of in this way, fibrous veggies should never be put in this appliance. Fibrous vegetables such as asparagus, celery, rhubarb and chard should be tossed in your kitchen trash. Vegetable fibers can become tangled around the blades, wreaking havoc on your kitchen plumbing. Before you know it, the appliance is clogged and can no longer do its job.

Fruit Pits
As a general rule, if you can’t chew it, your kitchen disposal probably can’t handle it, either. Anything hard or round such as fruit pits should be disposed of in your garbage. If you are trying to dislodge a pit that is stuck in the drain, don’t try to retrieve it yourself. The device can unexpectedly turn on, trapping or injuring your fingers. Call a professional plumber to dislodge the item.

Grease and Oils
Never place any type of fats, oils or grease in a disposal, or for that matter, down a sink drain. These fluids collect inside pipes and can cause all types of plumbing issues, including clogged and backed-up drains. Oils and grease can quickly accumulate and coat the inside of the appliance, which will eventually impede its ability to work.

Spaghetti and Pasta
Any type of long, thin pasta can wrap around the metal blades and cause a major clog. When pasta becomes wet, it expands, which can result in a slow or clogged drain. Even small pasta shapes such as shells or elbow macaroni should not be thrown in this appliance, because they can cause a major blockage.

Coffee Grounds
While they may seem small enough to put into the sink disposal, coffee grounds have a sedimentary quality and can easily form large, wet clumps. Although a major clog may not occur, you may be stuck with a slow drain until the clumps are flushed out of the pipes.

Non-Food Items
Some homeowners unknowingly place twist ties, rubber bands, pull tabs or other food packaging items in the disposal. While it might be tempting to toss these items in the sink, they simply cannot break down enough to wash down the drain.

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