Your Outdoor Tankless Water Heater: Protect It During Winter


Your Outdoor Tankless Water Heater: Protect It During Winter

An outdoor tankless water heater helps homeowners secure water savings. Instead of keeping a large body of water at a warm temperature, they instantly heat water as you need it. To endure the winter, outdoor tankless heaters come equipped with freeze protection systems. Before you can rest easy that your tankless water heater will churn out hot water in the early morning hours of winter's next freak storm, be sure that you've covered all the bases and protected the system.

Preventing water heater freeze

The most exposed part of the outdoor tankless water heater isn't, in fact, the water heater unit itself. Most susceptible to the elements, the plumbing pipes that carry water to and from the tankless unit are the components that will freeze when temperatures take a dip. You can apply insulation to the pipes and weatherize the unit from extreme cold. Here's what you can do.

Caring for pipes

Measure the pipes that carry water into and out of the outdoor tankless water heater. These are usually called the inlet and outlet pipes. Pay close attention to those pipes that run along the home's exterior and the basement. These are the areas where pipes are exposed to cold temperatures, whereas pipes that run in areas of the home that receive heating won't be as susceptible. Decide upon the material you will use to protect the plumbing pipes.

There are two general choices. You can apply either pipe insulation, a material that's similar to wall insulation but it's made specifically for plumbing pipes, or heating wire and pipe tape. Apply the insulation materials to the plumbing pipes, ensuring that the pipe insulation is adhering tightly to the piping. Secure it with tape. If you're using heater tape, apply it in a spiral fashion, twisting the tape every foot or so. Use electrical tape to secure the heater tape, making sure to overlap the electrical tape so that the heating wire isn't exposed to the elements.

An outdoor tankless water heater provides consistent access to hot water at an affordable cost. Homeowners that maintain their water heaters and protect them from the elements ensure a lasting return on investment in their large home appliances.

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