Why You Should Consider a Professional Plumber for Leak Detection

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Why You Should Consider a Professional Plumber for Leak Detection

There's almost nothing worse for your home than an undetected water leak. Water can do extensive damage to virtually everything it contacts. It can warp flooring materials, destroy cabinetry, and soften your walls and roof. Even worse, the standing moisture that leaks from your plumbing can attract dangerous mold, which can make you extremely ill.

What can you do about that lurking possibility that your plumbing may be leaking, either in hidden areas like the spaces between your walls or more obvious spots like the sides of your tubs and toilets? Call a plumber right away.

Why Leaks Go Undetected

Water leaks can go on for years, slowly destroying your home from the inside out. If this sounds overdramatic to you, then you've never had a serious plumbing leak before. Unfortunately, leaks aren't always visible. The water supply lines to your toilets, showers, tubs, and sinks are built inside of walls or underground.

Leaks are silent unless the problem is so severe that you notice a sharp decline in the water supply from your faucets. Thankfully, plumbers have a few things that you don't: experience with detecting water leaks, and the equipment to do so accurately.

Professional Training

So how do you detect leaks that can go unnoticed for years, until possibly a wall comes tumbling down or mold makes indoor odor unbearable? Plumbers can inspect your yard for moist spots above buried plumbing lines, including your sewer main. They can also identify and replace parts that can be leaking or can potentially cause a future leak, including degraded water fill valves or tank gaskets in toilets. In addition, washers, gaskets, and old or defective fixtures can be responsible for leaks. Plumbers have an eye for which parts, fixtures, and even appliances may be to blame for water loss. They can even determine if your pipes are vulnerable to leaks due to their age or material composition.

Plumbing repair

Professional Equipment

When it's time to pull out the professional leak detection equipment, plumbers have you covered. They have devices and tools for tracking and detecting water leaks, which they can then use to identify the cause, repair the problem accordingly, and recommend repair services for any property damage as a result of water exposure.

Plumber's equipment includes pipe locators and electronic amplification equipment, along with other advanced tools that can detect leaks without disrupting your property. The only DIY method for locating hidden leaks would be to tear open walls or dig up underground plumbing. However, plumbers can arrive with equipment that quickly and effectively locates leaking water.

Finding a Plumber

If you feel that you may have a leak in your home, don't wait until you see or hear water flowing. By that point, the damage may be incredibly expensive to repair. Contact a local plumber for advanced leak detection and professional repairs. Best of all, a plumber can arrive on short notice for serious leaks that are causing a flood anywhere in your home. Research plumbers in your area for preventative leak detection, or to find the source of a leak you suspect may be occurring.