Why Does My Drain Smell Bad?

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Why Does My Drain Smell Bad?

Are family members in your home complaining that the drains smell? If yes, don’t dismiss these concerns. A stinking drain is a symptom of much bigger problems inside your home’s plumbing system. Check out the following reasons that residential plumbing systems begin to smell and the steps you can take to correct this smelly situation.

Drain Cleaning

Most likely the problem is dirty pipes and drains. This is always the first place to start. The best way to fix this situation is to contact a residential plumber for drain cleaning services. Try not to go the fast route and use chemical drain cleaners to get rid of the smell. These products mess up pipes and drains and shouldn’t be used frequently. Use drain cleaning chemicals too often and you’ll end up needing pipe repair and replacement.

Residential plumbers use drain snake and hydro-jetting equipment to clear tough clogs that make drains smell. When drain cleaning services are used regularly, you can keep smells away.

Leaky Sewer Pipes

Another reason that drains smell is when sewer lines clog or breakdown. Sewer pipes are built tough, but they don’t last forever. Earth movements, soil changes, and general wear and tear cause sewer pipes to form cracks. In cast-iron pipes, the issue is usually corrosion. As the metal rusts, it breaks down and holes form. This leads to collapsed pipes and makes it impossible for wastewater to move through. Wastewater then backs up or sits in the pipes, which leads to smelly drains.

So Why Does My Water Smell?

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Water smells when the quality is affected. Sometimes this happens because of an issue at the water treatment facility. Other times, it’s because of the water quality in the home. The best way to figure out what’s going on with your home’s water is to have it tested. Call a residential plumber to come out and take a sample.

How to Handle Smelly Drains and Bad Water Quality

Always take action right away. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that the problem will get worse. Don’t assume you know what the problem is. There are many reasons why your drains and water may smell.

In serious cases, a smelly drain indicates that sewer gases are making their way into the home. This is a very dangerous situation and should never be ignored. When sewer gas builds up in the home, it becomes toxic and can even lead to explosive situations.

Contact a local residential plumber to check out the situation. Many people put off calling for professional plumbing services because they think they cost too much. The truth is you can’t afford not to hire a residential plumber.

Also, consider purchasing a plumbing maintenance package to keep your home’s pipes clean and smelling fresh. These packages not only include drain cleaning services, but inspect your home’s plumbing for small problems that can lead to major plumbing repairs if not caught early. Investing a bit of time and money into cleaning drains and fixing small issues always saves you money in the long run.