Why Does My Bathroom Smell?


Why Does My Bathroom Smell?

Some bathroom smells don’t go away no matter how often or how well you clean. Odors can come from basin, tub, shower, or toilet, and they’re often due to trapped waste or escaping sewer gas. With a little detective work, you can find out what’s causing your bathroom smell and move a step closer to fixing it.

When you’ve washed your bathroom floor and all the surfaces thoroughly and changed the towels, it’s time to investigate further into what’s causing your bathroom odors. The obvious suspect is the toilet. Waste can sometimes become trapped out of sight under the toilet rim. Scrubbing hard-to-reach areas of your toilet with a flexible toilet brush and bleach might eliminate your bathroom smell straight away.

A more serious cause of a smelly toilet is a cracked base. If your toilet base is cracked, gas and liquid seep out. To check for signs of a leak, lift your bathroom floor covering and look for wet or damp boards beneath.

Clog drains, dried out water traps, and blocked vents can fill the cleanest bathrooms with unpleasant odors.

  • Clogs: A buildup of hair and other residue in a drain can create a stink even when the drain seems to be working well. Bacteria feed on the waste and emit a foul stench.
  • Dry traps: To prevent sewer gas from escaping, bathroom drains contain a water trap. If a bathroom isn’t used very often, the water in the trap can dry up and allow smelly gasses into the room.
  • Blocked vents: Vents behind the water traps in bathroom drains allow air into the system so that the traps can function properly. When the vents become blocked, the traps can empty and allow sewer gas through.

If you only notice an odor when running water in your bathroom, check if the water itself is the source of your bathroom smell. Fill a glass and take it away from your bathroom before sniffing the water. If it doesn’t smell, bacteria in the drains are probably causing the bathroom odor. Smelly water could be due to bacteria in your hot water tank or the water source itself, such as a well.

Your bathroom doesn’t have to smell funky. If you can’t figure out what’s causing an annoying odor, call in a professional so you can enjoy a clean, fresh smell while in the shower or tub.

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