Why Call a Plumber if You Drop Your Ring Down the Sink


Why Call a Plumber if You Drop Your Ring Down the Sink

Just about everyone has had that moment of terror. You’re watching your wedding band or ring go down the drain where you might not be able to retrieve it. It’s such a common fear that it’s become a sitcom trope, but it still happens every day!

If you drop your ring down the sink, don’t panic! Here’s why you should stop worrying and call a plumber right away.

An Amateur Approach Can Lose the Ring Forever

After dropping the ring down the drain, you should take certain precautions to avoid exacerbating the problem. The DIY approach can cause the ring to get pushed farther down the drain or get washed away altogether. Trying to hook the ring while tampering with your drainage system at home may work, but then you’ll have to put the system back together, which can create other expensive problems with your pipes.

The Best Way to Protect Valuables Is to Call a Plumber

Ultimately, it’s unlikely that an amateur approach will successfully yield the ring, so it’s important to hire a professional. What’s more, plumbing services can be very affordable. Professionals have both the tools and know-how to help ensure your valuables make it out of your pipes unscathed and that your plumbing system is restored so that subsequent no leaks occur.

If you’ve lost a ring down the drain, make the right choice to call a plumber. The Pink Plumber‘s reliable and friendly staff have the expertise to retrieve any jewelry that has fallen down the drain, but they also make a serious commitment to helping their communities and fighting breast cancer. Call 404-222-7465 to schedule a visit today.