What to Do with Water Backing Up


What to Do with Water Backing Up

One of the most inconvenient problems homeowners face is water backing up due to clogged or broken pipes. Not only is the situation unhealthy, it is also a smelly situation you don’t want to live with for an extended period.

Several issues can be behind water backing up, from a major clog to a broken pipe. With this in mind, there are a few things you can do that might eliminate the problem, especially where clogs are concerned.


A good old-fashioned plunger is a homeowner’s best friend for a slow-moving or no-moving drain. A few quick plunges to the toilet bowl, shower, or kitchen drain may help loosen debris, hair, toilet tissue, and bits of food. Follow up by running water through the pipes. Repeat plunging, especially if you see the water begin to drain faster. This means whatever was blocking the pipe has been flushed through the pipe system.

Using a plumber’s snake is another way to loosen clogs. These are especially good when the toilet fills to the top when flushed. If you know how to use it, a plumber’s snake can safely loosen the clog without doing any damage to the pipes. Otherwise, a professional can help you with this process.

Sometimes an object goes down the sink drain and blocks the pipe. This can happen when there is no pop-up stopper in the sink or the object is small enough to bypass the stopper itself. It may immediately cause water backup or become a problem over time by causing a buildup of soap scum or food that eventually leads to water backing up in various areas of the home. A plumber can remove the P-trap, or elbow section of the pipe under the sink, to extract the object that became lodged in the pipe.

Shower drains are notorious for becoming clogged due to shampoo, soap, and hair that combine, make a thick glob that works as a barrier, and prevent or slow the water draining process, which results in a backed-up shower or bathtub. If you’re comfortable, you may be able to run a flexible rod with hooks down the drain and pull it out to remove the globs of hair that may be causing the clog. This tool is available in the plumbing section of home improvement stores.

If you’ve tried the above tips and you still have water backing up, it may be due to a broken pipe or an extremely tough clog. A professional plumber will be able to determine the cause and repair the pipes quickly and effectively.

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