What is the Purpose of Sump Pumps?


What is the Purpose of Sump Pumps?

Many people have no idea what the purpose of sump pump is, how it functions, or what happens if it doesn’t work properly. If your home uses a sump pump, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of its operation.

Explanation: Purpose of Sump Pump

These hard working pumps have a specific purpose: to pump water. Whether it’s to the septic tank, water lines, or as a separate entity to remove standing water for locations such as a basement or cellar.

For septic systems, the sump pump mechanism is placed inside a liner before being placed in the ground. If the liner does not already have pre-drilled holes, it will be necessary to drill a series of small holes into the liner. The holes allow water into the liner which is necessary to trip the float switch that activates the pump. Piping will be installed and the unit will be plugged in.

The float, which works much like a toilet float, will rise and fall according to water levels. As the water level rises, the pump switch will activate, flushing the water through the system. Once the water is low enough, the float switch will turn off until the liner fills up again, reactivating the switch.

When are Sump Pumps Necessary?

Sump pumps are specifically designed for property that has a grading issue. Meaning, if your water line or septic tank is in a location that requires water to be pumped upward, or your home has a basement or cellar where water must travel in a horizontal direction, a sump pump is necessary. Gravity dictates water flow and with the help of a sump pump, the water will be able to move upward providing a consistent and adequate flow of water through the system. A sump pump can also be installed for use in removing water in areas susceptible to pooling.

Signs the Sump Pump Isn’t Working

  • In older homes, the sump pump may be out of date. If it sits above the water atop a long, narrow pipe, it’s time for a newer model.
  • A pump continuously turning on and off, could be a malfunction of the float switch. If allowed to continue, the motor will eventually burn out.
  • A lot of noise coming from the sump pump is an indication of trouble. It could be that your bearing is burnt out or burning out.
  • A stuck float will prevent the pump from activating when needed. It’s also possible that the float switch is damaged or broken.
  • The pump should run only for a few minutes. If it is running for extremely long periods, this may indicate the pump is not adequate for the amount of water it’s expected to handle or the distance water must travel through the system.For answers to your questions, contact the Pink Plumber today.

Image Source: Flickr