What Causes Sewage odors in my Home


What Causes Sewage odors in my Home

Homeowners who suffer with the constant smell of sewage odors in their homes should contact their plumbing contractor immediately. Sewer gas is created by the breakdown of solid wastes within the sewer system. Its distinctive smell is the result of methane gas, which can be explosive. Aside from the noxious and embarrassing smells these gases present, the toxic fumes are also hazardous to your health and can lead to hydrogen sulfide poisoning or asphyxiation. The following post will cover the most common problems that allow this dangerous gas into your home.

Clogged Sewer Vent Stack
A typical, home sewage system incorporates a vent stack to allow sewage gases to escape into the atmosphere. In addition, the vent stack allows air into the plumbing system that is necessary for proper drainage. If the vent stack becomes clogged, as the wastewater travels through the system it will create a vacuum that can drain the protective layer of water from sink and shower P-traps. Since the water within the P-trap prevents these noxious gases from entering your home, suffice to say if it is gone, there is nothing to prevent the sewer gas from entering at will. A clogged vent stack will also result in a sluggish or slow-moving sewage system that will eventually fail.

Cracked Vent Stack or Sewage Line
A cracked vent stack or section of vent stack with a failing joint can allow sewage gases to escape into the wall cavity. As time passes, the sewage gas will build within the wall until it eventually works its way into your home. Since vent stacks are concealed behind walls, these are extremely hard to detect and often require opening the wall for verification and repair. In addition, a cracked or poorly connected sewage line will allow sewage gas and potentially wastewater to escape the sewage system. Even a small sewage line leak will allow hazardous sewage odors to build up in walls or crawl spaces as time passes.

Failing Toilet Wax Ring
A wax ring is a gasket used to seal the joint between the toilet base and sewer line. If the wax ring fails or becomes worn, it could allow sewage gases to creep into your home. In addition, a faulty wax ring may also allow wastewater to seep from under and/or around the toilet base. If your toilet rocks or appears loose it could be the sign of a worn out wax ring.

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