Water Filter Choices: Faucet Vs. Full-House Filtration


Water Filter Choices: Faucet Vs. Full-House Filtration

Homeowners concerned about their water quality have several options for purifying it. Some homeowners choose a refrigerator that dispenses filtered water, while other homeowners rely on a water filter pitcher that requires refilling several times a day.

But there are better options you may not have considered. Many homeowners consider installing filters on their faucets, while professionals often advocate for whole-house water filtration systems. What are the differences between these two systems, and how can you decide which is right for you? Here are a few basics of home water filtration.

Faucet Water Filters

Faucet water filters are probably the better known of the options. They range from low-end to incredibly expensive, and promise to purify tap water so you could drink from the faucet.

Unfortunately, this type of water filter varies in quality. It can be hard to know exactly what you’re going to get. Some faucet filters result in reduced water pressure; some leave the water warm after the purification process; and some are unsightly enough to transform a beautiful sink fixture into a clunky eyesore.

Moreover, if you want other fixtures in the house to dispense purified drinking water, such as in the bathroom where you brush your teeth, the cost can really start to add up. Not only will you pay for faucet water filters on every faucet where you want purified water, you’ll also pay for filters and potential replacement costs.

Whole-House Water Filtration

Whole-house water filtration is a system installed by a professional plumbing service that ensures that the entire water supply of your home is filtered. That means all your water for bathing, cooking and drinking is free of chemicals, pollutants and other contaminants. Having professionals install a whole-house filtration system can be surprisingly affordable and easy. In addition, you are less likely to face recurring costs for batteries, frequent replacement filters or installation down the road. A whole-house water filter system is an easy and effective way to ensure all your water will be clean and safe.

The Bottom Line

A faucet water filter is a fairly effective solution to ensure that tap water from at least one source in your home is good for drinking. However, if you prefer greater flexibility and utility within your home’s water system, whole-house water filtration is likely the solution you’re seeking.

If you’re trying to decide between filtration systems, be sure to get a quote from the experts at The Pink Plumber today. They can lend their expertise to help you decide which system makes sense for you and your home.