Volunteer for It’s the Journey 2-Day Walk


Volunteer for It’s the Journey 2-Day Walk

At the Pink Plumber, we realize that it takes a village when it comes to fighting breast cancer. That’s why we support volunteering at the annual Atlanta 2-Day Cancer Charity Walk for Breast Cancer produced by “It’s the Journey.”

In order to run this successful, multifaceted event that raises funds to fight breast cancer, It’s the Journey relies on volunteers. To be held this year October 15-16th, the weekend event requires help with a wide variety of tasks.

There are two types of volunteers needed. Serve as a crew member during the Breast Cancer walk or as a day volunteer. Read on to see which type of volunteer effort is right for you.

2-Day Crew Member
It’s the Journey relies on 250 dedicated crew members to ensure that the breast cancer walk runs smoothly and successfully. This popular opportunity requires that volunteers stay at the host hotel during the weekend to help produce the event. Crew members perform a variety of tasks that ensure the safety and comfort of the walkers.

Depending on the needs of the event, crew members are assigned to various tasks. These positions are limited and offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Various assignments include:

  • B’Rest Stop: This year, Pink Plumber is proud to be hosting a B’Rest Stop, which offers participants a location to stop for hydration, snacks and limited medical service. Crew members work these stops.
  • Bike: These crew members ride their bikes around the event, patrolling to ensure that walkers are safe and in attendance.
  • Clean Up/Recycling: As the name suggests, crew members with these duties are responsible for removing and disposing of trash and items for recycling.
  • Event Services: This group of crew members is responsible for check-in, registration and manning the 2-Day Walk store during the event.
  • Hydro: These crew members distribute water, sports drinks, ice and snacks as needed at the various locations.
  • Lunch: Lunch is served at a B’Rest Stop along the route and requires plenty of crew members to make this a reality.
  • Moto: These volunteers ride motorcycles and are stationed at various intersections along the route to help ensure walker safety. They call for a sweep van to pick injured walkers up, when necessary. They also assist local law enforcement with traffic control.
  • Route Marking: Volunteers with this duty mark the route using safety cones and directional signs.
  • Sweep/Taxi: These members of the crew patrol sections of the route between B’Rest Stops to provide non-medical transportation, if participants become injured.

Day Volunteer

In addition to being able to assist at the Atlanta 2-Day Walk, day volunteers also help out throughout the year with various projects and other events, as well as at the It’s the Journey office.

We at the Pink Plumber look forward to participating in this year’s 2-Day walk. Keep in mind that when you call on us for plumbing assistance, a portion of every job goes to the fight against Breast Cancer. For answers to any plumbing questions or service, contact the Pink Plumber today.