Unique Plumbing Fixtures to Consider


Unique Plumbing Fixtures to Consider

Plumbing fixtures are no longer a dime a dozen. Instead of the standard hot-and-cold faucets constructed from bronze or aluminum, homeowners now have a wide variety of styles and features from which to choose. Whether you're looking to upgrade plumbing fixtures in a bathroom sink, tub, shower, kitchen or utility room, consider going big, and getting one of these unique plumbing options.

Modern faucets with a flair

Technology is not only for smartphones, TVs and cars. Now, faucet manufacturers have employed innovative technologies for sinks. Faucets with sensor-activated features let you simply bring your hand close to the faucet. No more need to flip a handle or even touch the faucet. It knows when you're nearby and will activate on its own. The touch-free faucet is hygienic and very convenient. It can also dispense liquids like soap, lotion or disinfectant—without having to touch the controls. This unique type of plumbing fixture uses less water for hand washing and many models use LED lighting to help you easily see the controls.

Spa fixtures

Create a spa atmosphere in your bathroom and install a shower head that provides a luxe experience at a much lower price. Shower heads are available that allow you to alter the strength of the water flow, or adjust its delivery through pulse, massage or rainforest settings. At the sink, install a fixture with a water flow that replicates a fountain.

Design innovators

Plumbing manufacturers are not wanting for imagination when it comes to designing new plumbing fixtures. One designer has constructed a faucet that allows water to flow out of an open, circular ring constructed from a flat, metallic arm extending from the fixture. In another, a designer used a metal ball and magnets to create a ripple faucet. Still other designers have bypassed the traditional faucet installation, featuring a faucet that installs directly into the wall above a sink.


Tired of dealing with hot and cold levers? Purchase a touch faucet that features a keypad control instead. The settings let you choose hotor cold water, increasing or decreasing the temperature via "plus" and "minus" buttons.


Manufacturers are creating little "extras" for plumbing fixtures that enhance safety. With a "Faucet Buddy," you can see the exact temperature of the water flowing out of the fixture and avoid using water that's too hot.

There are a lot of options on the market today. You are only imited by your budget and the time to find innovative plumbing fixtures like these. For answers to your questions, contact The Pink Plumber today.