Trending Home Plumbing Options for 2015


Trending Home Plumbing Options for 2015

The home plumbing options you see today would knock your grandmother’s socks off. And for good reason. Plumbing fixture and appliance manufacturers are responding to consumer demand for more comfort in the bathroom and kitchen, as well as high-tech, green and convenient options that make life just a bit easier. If you’re checking out home plumbing options, look no further. Here’s a review of the runaway plumbing trends for this year.

Comfort seekers

Don’t assume you have to leave technology behind when you shower. Now, you can install wireless shower speakers to enjoy live streamed music while you get ready for the day. Wireless speakers are not the only advancement in comfort, however. Plumbing options with LED lights act like a nightlight of sorts for nighttime toilet use. LED lights in kitchen and bathroom sinks help users easily see if water is hot (red) or cold (blue), and act as an added safety measure, too.

Green is winning

Water-saving home plumbing options are becoming all the rage, especially with some regions in the country having a heightened need to ration water. However, everyone benefits from saving water, as it limits energy bills and helps conserve natural resources. Dishwashers and washing machines are now designed to use less water for the wash and rinse cycles. According to some reports, homeowners can save as much as 700 gallons of water annually by installing a green dishwasher. Faucet aeraters and showerheads also limit the flow of water through them, so users consumer less water to perform daily hygiene tasks, like washing hands, showering, shaving and so forth.

High-tech goes residential

Touchless faucets are finding their way from commercial bathrooms to residential kitchens and bathrooms. This high-tech feature is not only more sanitary, it’s ultra-convenient, too. No longer do cooks have to risk getting raw chicken juice on kitchen sink handles. Now, you can simply wave your hand in front of the faucet and safely wash your hands. The same technology is being used on toilets, too. Touchless toilets greatly decreases the spread of germs. The technology works in the same fashion as sinks: Simply wave your hand by the sensor, the toilet will flush and then the lid slowly and quietly closes shut.

Don’t waste the opportunity to explore comfort, green, convenient and high-tech home plumbing options when it’s time to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom. Everything from fixtures to appliances is evolving, thanks to an effort to conserve more water and lower energy bills, while maintaining the level of comfort to which you’re accustomed. For answers to your questions, contact the Pink Plumber today.

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