Toilets: Important things to consider when shopping for a new toilet


Toilets: Important things to consider when shopping for a new toilet

Shopping for new toilets is a fairly, easy purchase. With a truckload of styles, colors and energy efficient models to choose from, you should have no trouble finding a new commode that matches your home’s decor and lifestyle. However, there are other important decisions to consider before making the purchase. The post below will discuss the choices homeowners face when shopping for a new toilet.

Energy Efficiency
It might seem strange to think of a toilet as energy efficient. However, low-flow toilets, those that use less water, are considered energy efficient. By using less water, not only do they help conserve a precious natural resource, but also help conserve the energy required to produce and deliver freshwater to your home. Federal mandates are in place that limit—1.6 gallons per flush—the amount of freshwater they use. Some high-efficiency models require even less than that.

Toilet Size
Not all toilets are created equal when it comes to size. Some require larger rough-in areas than others. Consult with your plumbing contractor about available models that will mount to existing plumbing without costly modifications. This will eliminate any confusion when you begin your search at the local home improvement center or plumbing supply house. In addition, toilet height should be a major concern. Comfort height toilets measure between 17 and 19-inches from floor to the top of the seat. These toilets are ideal for senior citizens or those suffering from physical limitations when toilet use becomes difficult. Traditional toilet height is considered below 17-inches.

Other Considerations
Aside from the color and style of the tank, other decisions you must make when purchasing a new toilet are the shape—round, elongated, compact elongated—of the bowl, type—wood, molded wood composite, cushioned vinyl and plastic or polypropylene—of seat you desire, and toilet model—one piece or two. In addition, you must choose a toilet with your desired flushing system. The three most common flushing systems used in standard toilets are listed below.

  • Gravity-flush systems are the most common used in residential applications. They use the weight of the water and gravity to empty the toilet.
  • Pressure-assisted systems utilize pressurized air to force water into the bowl when flushing. While these systems reduce clogs, they are much more expensive and may require periodic maintenance.
  • Dual flush systems provide an option that conserves water during flushing. You can choose between a full or partial flush when using.

Have it Professionally Installed
Many homeowners choose to install their toilet themselves. While it is feasible that a handy homeowner with a moderate skill set in construction could install a toilet, many things can go wrong during or after the installation. It is recommended that you hire a licensed and insured plumbing contractor to install your new toilet to protect both you and your home.

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