Toilet Won’t Stop Running? Here’s How to Handle It


Toilet Won’t Stop Running? Here’s How to Handle It

If your toilet won't stop running, do you know what to do? A running toilet can drive you crazy, but it can also drive your water bills up. A toilet that runs sporadically or one that never stops—in both scenarios, it's a waste of water. With a little detective work, you can identify the problematic part or call in a plumber to help with the repair.

Toilet Parts

One of the neat things about toilets is that they have few parts. Here's how these parts work together to flush the toilet:

  • The handle connects to the flapper via a chain, causing the flapper to raise up and the tank's water to empty into the bowl.
  • When the tank empties out, the flapper drops back down, creating a seal.
  • A float at the top of the tank rises and falls as the tank empties and fills up. When the float is at the bottom of the tank, it releases a valve so that the tank will fill up with water again.
  • The toilet has one more component: the overflow tube. This important device allows water to drain out of the toilet when the level gets too high.

Problems to Look For

If the toilet won't stop running, one of these components is at the root of the problem. Here's what to look for:

  • A flapper that won't close completely: If this is the case, check to see if the chain is getting caught on something, preventing the flapper from closing.
  • Insufficient water: If the tank doesn't fill up with enough water, it will continually run, trying to refill itself to the right level. A water valve problem or float issue could be the cause of this problem.
  • Dirty components: Mineral buildup, a damaged float, or a corroded flush valve can cause the toilet to run intermittently or nonstop. Cleaning the components can help, but sometimes replacement is required.
  • Miscellaneous: Aside from the common problems listed above, other issues can lead to a running toilet. These include a misaligned valve, a faulty valve seal, a broken lever, or high water pressure.

Regardless of the problem, a plumber can help you identify the root of the running toilet and make the right repair choices. From replacing or aligning the flapper or float to adjusting the float and water level, our experts are happy to help restore your home's peace and keep your water bills from skyrocketing. If you have an out-of-control toilet that won't stop running, get expert help.

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