Toilet Installation: Hire a Pro vs DIY

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Toilet Installation: Hire a Pro vs DIY

Whether you're moving into a new home or just need to replace a defective toilet, you're going to need to set aside some time to shop for a nice new porcelain throne, and then make a secondary decision. You'll need to decide whether it's worth it to DIY, or hire a professional plumber to do the job for you, something with which they have plenty of experience.

While DIY jobs are more popular than ever, there may be some instances when it's right to rely on a professional. Here are the top pros and cons of both installing your own toilet and hiring a plumber to do so.

DIY: Pros

Doing it yourself is possible without training or plumbing experience thanks to online DIY and home improvement blogs in the internet. Are you clueless as to how toilet installation works? Simply look it up online, and you'll find some helpful advice.

If you manage to DIY the project from start to finish without incident, you'll have saved money. Plus, who wouldn't want to brag about installing their own toilet? For some people, the pride is reason enough to attempt a DIY.

DIY: Cons

As attractive as DIY plumbing may seem, toilets are surprisingly complex. A toilet must be installed perfectly to prevent leaking, flooding, slow flushing, and other issues. Also, as much helpful advice as there may be online, it's hard to find step-by-step instructions and troubleshooting. What if something goes wrong, or the toilet is wobbly, or you make a mistake during installation? What if the toilet doesn't operate properly after installation? Worse, what if you don't fully understand the instructions because you've never installed a toilet? You're on your own; you might end up having to hire a professional anyway to check your work.

Hire a Plumber: Pros

When you hire a plumber to install a toilet, you get to trust in their professional experience, and hands-on expertise. Plumbers have installed countless toilets. Yours will be a breeze. That means saving time that you'd otherwise have to spend working on your own toilet, and confidence of knowing that your toilet will be in perfect working order.

Are you interested in a specific toilet model, brand, price range, or style? Are you curious about water-saving features and other modern toilets with updated technology? A professional plumber can advise you which brand and model of toilet to buy, and can give you their professional take on the numerous toilets on the market today.

Hire a Plumber: Cons

ToiletHiring a professional plumber does come at a price. However, if you hire The Pink Plumber, you'll get professional plumbing at great, low prices, along with courteous customer service. While the price may be the only drawback of hiring a plumber, The Pink Plumber installs toilets at prices that are well worth it, especially when you can trust in the quality of the installation work, a neat finish, and even a longer-lasting toilet. Contact their team of plumbers today for fast toilet installation and many other plumbing services.