Tips to Keep Pipes in Good Condition


Tips to Keep Pipes in Good Condition

Keeping pipes in good condition is important all year long to avoid potential plumbing problems. A yearly maintenance plan to have the lines cleaned, or faulty or worn out fixtures replaced, can help keep pipes running smoothly. When you plan to move from your home, leaving pipes in the best condition possible is important for the next person moving in.

Basic Tips to Keep Pipes in Good Condition

Pipes that are left unattended for any length of time tend to dry out due to lack of moisture. Sediment builds up and over time, the sink can become clogged. When the faucets are used again, the water coming through the lines in the kitchen and bathroom sinks, shower or tub can “back up” due to the dry clog. This can create a smelly mess. A few tips to help alleviate this potential problem are:

  • Have the water lines professionally cleaned before moving
  • Cleaning the drains with a solution of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide helps dislodge debris
  • The same combination of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda also helps eliminate germs and leaves the drain smelling fresh and clean

Tips for Winter Pipe Maintenance When Moving

Any time you plan to move, the home you’re moving from will remain vacant for a while so it’s important the pipes are in good condition before vacating.

Following the basic tips is a good start to pipe maintenance. Also keep in mind the time of year can play a negative role in pipe performance and breakdown especially when the planned move is during winter.

These tips can help keep pipes in good condition for homes in climates with excessively cold winter seasons when snow and ice can wreak havoc and burst pipes creating a watery and costly nightmare.

  • If your home is for sale or rent and listed with a realtor, or if you are taking care of the sale, lease or rent option on your own, once the house is vacant you or your representative should periodically stop by the home and allow the water to run in the sink, tub and shower. This prevents the dry build up condition that can lead to clogged drains.
  • For homes left vacant during the winter and subjected to severe cold temperatures, outdoor faucets and hose bibbs are always at risk. An easy solution is to cover each individual area with faucet covers available at local home improvement stores.
  • To help prevent pipes from freezing, an added layer of insulation around exposed pipes provides protection.

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