Tips for Choosing a Lawn Sprinkler


Tips for Choosing a Lawn Sprinkler

If you’re in the market for a lawn sprinkler system, you surely have visions of lush, healthy green grass adorning your home. However, before you choose one, you’ll want to account for a few different variables to make sure you pick a system with just the right setup for your home.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of all will be how well the lawn sprinkler can cool you down during the scorching summer months. As you set out to get your system in place, you’ll need to consider the size of your lawn because you want to get good coverage. For larger lawns, you’ll need a more elaborate system to ensure equal water distribution. You’ll also want to take the shape of your lawn into account as well as how often you’ll be watering, especially during hot, humid Atlanta seasons.

As you peruse the home improvement stores and search online, the types of sprinklers you’ll find include:

  • Fixed sprinkler head: Just as the name suggests, this sprinkler sprays water in a consistent pattern over a fixed area of the lawn. These are beneficial for small lawns and areas that are hard to get to with other types of sprinklers, in addition to being more budget friendly. Setting up multiple fixed heads can sometimes do the job.
  • Oscillating sprinkers: These shoot out water, usually in a fan-shaped design. They move back and forth, covering a larger area than fixed sprinkler heads. They are a good fit for larger yards, as well as a lawn that has just been seeded. Oscillating sprinklers are popular with the kids because they like the feeling of chasing the sprinklers (or being chased).
  • Rotating sprinkers: These provide coverage by jetting water in a circle. They do the job quickly and provide good coverage. Again, they’re also popular for summertime recreation and beating the heat.
  • Sprinkler hoses: These are the old-fashioned sprinkers that hook up to your hose and sway back and forth. They’re perfect for a rectangular-shaped lawn and will feel nostalgic as kids run back and forth over the sprinkler accessory.
  • In-ground system: Many people opt for this type of system. Multiple sprinkler heads are installed in the ground then pop up to water the lawn. The sprinklers at different sections of the lawn will water at various times; usually one section will water and then the next, until the cycle is complete.

Regardless of which system you choose, you should always water more during hot seasons, water early in the morning, let the soil dry between watering cycles, and turn off the sprinklers in the rain.

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