Time to Redo Your Bathroom? 4 Plumbing Issues to Keep in Mind


Time to Redo Your Bathroom? 4 Plumbing Issues to Keep in Mind

If your house is on the, um, mature side, then you might be ready to redo your bathroom. Perhaps you want a more luxurious, spa-like environment … or maybe your faucets and toilets are rusty and constantly leaking. Maybe it’s time to replace your fixtures that do a better job of conserving water.

Whatever the case, plumbing issues will come into play as your embark on your bathroom remodel. Some of the things to keep in mind include:

  • Galvanized pipes. Depending on the age of your house, it might have outdated galvanized steel pipes. The problem with these types of older-version pipes is that they corrode and lead to blockage. You might want to consider having the steel pipes replaced with copper or plastic pipe, the kind being used today, which are more reliable than the steel variety.
  • Bathtub issues. Are you thinking about replacing your tub? Many homeowners are opting for more stylish tubs, like the old-fashioned, claw-foot tub, or a sleek, modern free-standing style. If you’re replacing a standard, fiberglass tub surrounded by a tile deck, you or your plumber will need to have access to the drain and supply lines. It’s usually easier if you keep the tub in the same spot, but if you’re going for a new style that takes up less space, it could potentially be more complicated and is something you should discuss with your plumber.
  • Showers. Are you thinking about replacing your shower? You’ll want to ask your plumber to check for any damage beneath the surface. If there has been any leaking underneath, it isn’t apparent until the shower structure is moved away. Also, think about whether you want the location of the shower plumbing replaced. You might want it higher if you’re tall, or lower if you’re on the shorter side, or somewhere in the middle if two people of varying heights are using the shower. Also, the surface you choose for the shower walls and floors will affect the thicknesses and openings of connectors for faucets.
  • Sinks and vanities. You might consider replacing your sink or vanity. This is usually pretty simple when it comes to the plumbing. You’ll just want to make sure that pipe sizes match up. You should also take note of sizing issues when it comes to the size of a new sink you want and an existing cabinet. If you’re eyeing a custom vanity, you should consult with a plumber.

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