The Pink Plumber Goes The Extra Mile To Guarantee Customers Are Satisfied With Their Plumbing Experience


The Pink Plumber Goes The Extra Mile To Guarantee Customers Are Satisfied With Their Plumbing Experience

Many times, if you call a plumber to come out and fix an issue, you also have to call other contractors as well—to ensure that every facet of your plumbing problem gets fixed. Here at The Pink Plumber, we try to service every angle of your plumbing issue and we strive to work flawlessly with any other contractors you may have already hired to help with a big job. One of our customers, Karen, recently explained how well The Pink Plumber worked at getting her job done, even though there were a few minor glitches along the way.

Karen called us because she had noticed that her water bill had skyrocketed and there were no visible leaks around her interior plumbing lines. She suspected that the leak must have been from a water line running from the street to her house. Karen’s friends had raved about us, so she decided to give us a call. First, she spoke to Dave, a plumbing manager, and he asked her about the issue and quickly set up an appointment for one of our techs to come out and investigate the issue.

We sent Jack to Karen’s house and she said her first impression was that he was courteous and friendly. Jack was very polite as he answered all of my questions and with all of the unknowns, he was very patient. She was very concerned that the job might go over her budget due to the unknowns but Jack was very patient.

While we were working on Karen’s house, Jack found some trenching issues regarding the sprinkler system. Jack had to call the utility company and wait patiently for them to mark off the lines. Karen stated, “Although he was delayed because of this, he and his crew worked well with the utility company and they all got the job done together with courteous, professional behavior.”

We asked Karen, would you recommend The Pink Plumber to anyone? “I most definitely would. Because you went the extra mile to get the job done correctly and saved me the hassle of calling the right people for the utility marking, I know Jack went above and beyond to gain my future business.”

If you want a down-to-earth company who supports breast cancer research and will help make your home’s plumbing safe, give us a call today!