The Pink Plumber: Don’t Let Money Issues Hold You Back From Servicing Your Plumbing Problems


The Pink Plumber: Don’t Let Money Issues Hold You Back From Servicing Your Plumbing Problems

If you’ve been putting off fixing a leaking pipe in your basement or a septic tank that really needs to be serviced, don’t hold off any longer. The pros at The Pink Plumber are here to help. If you need a little help paying your bill, we may be able to assist you. We’ll get you the right financing by working with a group of lenders who look past blemished credit so you can access the quick money that you need. One of our clients, Kevin, called us because he had some plumbing concerns. Here is his story.

Kevin had used The Pink Plumber in the past. He had an overflowing septic tank last year and it needed to be brought up to code. Because of their lightening fast speed and accuracy, he didn’t hesitate to call us again. Recently, Kevin noticed some leaks in his crawl space that he couldn’t fix. The Pink Plumber responded quickly and when the technician was here, he noticed some other issues, such as a hot water heater that wasn’t up to code and a water regulator that was running too high—at 130 psi.

Kevin told us that he was relieved that these issues were fixed, instead of becoming a plumbing emergency that would have cost a lot more than it did. Kevin stated, “The technician was very reasonable with the quote and even offered me some special deals and coupons to shed a little off of the balance. I told him I was unable to pay it off right away, due to some personal financial obligations. The technician put me right in touch with Bonnie, in financing. She was able to set up some financing with affordable monthly payments for the remaining balance, which really helped ease the constraint on my budget. I was able to pay off what I owed earlier than I expected, so she waived the finance fee—which helped me save even more money.”

We were glad to help Kevin with his plumbing problems and he said that he would definitely recommend The Pink Plumber to all of his friends, colleagues and the public. He stated, “They help give back to a good cause and some of their profits go to funding cancer awareness and research. A great company to work and associate with.”

Don’t let a financial burden become a bigger one because you can’t pay for repairs. Call us today to help you get your plumbing system in tip top shape once again