The Most Common Misconceptions about Plumbers

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The Most Common Misconceptions about Plumbers

Not all plumbers are just the same. While there are some who will come into your home and make a mess and leave you with a hefty bill, for the most part, they are certified and licensed professionals who make an honest living doing what they're good at. Unfortunately, plumbers often get a bad rap because of some of the common misconceptions people think and believe about them. Here are the facts behind the fiction that you might have heard previously.

Plumbers Are Messy

While it's true that plumbing projects do sometimes get messy, a good plumber will always clean up after themselves. You'll find that professional plumbing contractors will be very respectful of your home and will make sure it's left cleaner than when they found it. As a bonus, you'll have working plumbing again to boot.

Plumbers Are Unprofessional

If you've seen movies and TV shows where a plumber is depicted looking unkempt and in dirty clothes, disregard this notion entirely. Most experienced and certified plumbers you find will arrive at your home looking sharp and often even wearing company uniforms. You can't get more of a professional appearance than that.

Plumbers Charge Too Much

Plumbers generally have set hourly rates for labor and set prices for parts. Some may charge for after-hours service, but this is pretty standard across the home service industry in general. Make sure you know what you'll be charged when you call or first have a plumbing company over to your house for a quote, so you're not blindsided by the final invoice.

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Plumbers Are Never Prepared

Maybe you've seen in these media depictions of plumbing companies that they show up to the house and a few moments later, they need you to pay for a different part that they don't have on hand. A good plumber will always have the necessary parts and tools on hand and if they don't, it will be written into your quote or estimate before they get to work. Work with plumbers who are prepared and know what parts they need beforehand.

Plumbers Are Loud and Rude

Another picture that is frequently painted of plumbing companies is that their plumbing personnel are loud and rude. Take care to work with those plumbing companies that are respectful right from the get-go. You can usually tell from talking with the receptionist or secretary over the phone how you're likely to be treated by a particular plumber, so pay special attention to how courteous the staff is. When they're at your house, an excellent plumber will be respectful and speak to you courteously while explaining the situation and going over the treatment plan or needed repairs with you.

Take whatever gross misconceptions or preconceived notions you had about plumbers and plumbing systems and toss it. When you have a plumbing emergency, you'll want to call a plumber as soon as possible to make sure that the job is done right. Working with the right professionals will ensure this gets done, and you'll forget all your misperceptions.