The Latest in Kitchen Faucet Design


The Latest in Kitchen Faucet Design

Choosing a kitchen faucet design can be a daunting task for many homeowners. Perhaps you’re in the middle of a home makeover, or just want to spruce up your kitchen with a few upgrades. In either case, you must choose a new faucet, which requires a little homework before you make a purchase. If you’ve ever wandered down the plumbing aisle at your local home improvement center, you probably noticed there are literally hundreds of models and styles to choose from. The following post will introduce you to some of the newest faucet technology that is available today.

Touchless Kitchen Faucets

Touchless faucets are at the top of this list for a reason, as they include the most advanced features available in kitchen faucet design and function. Moen’s Motion Sense faucets incorporate motion-sensing technology that allows you to activate the faucet with a simple wave of your hand. Not only does this feature help you avoid contact with dirty hands, it also reduces the transmission of germs and bacteria. Certain models also include a sensor that activates the faucet when you place your hand, dish or glass under the spout. You can still activate the faucet and adjust water temperature the old-fashioned way, by turning the handle.

Touch-to-Activate Faucets

Another option to consider is Delta’s Touch20 faucet technology, which requires you to touch the faucet on the spout or handle to activate the flow of water. Although you must touch the faucet to activate it, the feature still helps to keep your faucet clean and reduces germ transmission versus traditional faucets. As with the touchless model mentioned above, you can also operate the faucet manually by turning the knob or handle.

How they Work

These unique faucets operate and install the same way as traditional kitchen faucets. During installation, your plumber will connect both a hot and cold water supply line to the faucet body. Since the touchless and touch-to-activate features require battery operation, a small battery pack is installed under the sink to power the sensors. The battery pack is included with the faucet, and when the batteries fail, you can still operate the faucet manually.

Important Considerations

Once activated, both of the faucet types mentioned here will provide water flow with hot and cold temperatures based on the position of the faucet handle. The Delta TempSense model includes an LED light that changes color to alert you to the water temperature to reduce the chance of accidental scalding.

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