The Coolest Celebrity Bathrooms


The Coolest Celebrity Bathrooms

Celebrities with large budgets and access to the best designers can create unique, glamorous bathrooms that must make time spent in the shower a luxurious treat. The bathrooms of the rich and famous tell us all about the latest in powder room style. Here are six of the coolest celebrity bathrooms for you to drool over, ranging from chic minimalism through stylish charm to opulent splendor.

From the pages of Elle Decor come three bathrooms created for designers.

Yves St. Laurent’s bathroom is inspired by the exotic location of his home, Marrakech. Tiled in gorgeous shades of faded blue, this bathroom is a study of traditional elegance. A complete contrast is the bathroom of Ralph and Ricky Lauren, which shows that different styles can be equally alluring. The Laurens’ room overlooks Central Park, NYC, and combines mirrors and white, gleaming cabinets in clean lines and geometric shapes. Adding another interpretation of bathroom style to the mix is Donatella Versace’s master bath at her home in Milan. This is a rich, warm design that uses wood, bronze, mirrors and black leather to create that understated Italian chic.

Architectural Digest reveals Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s bathroom. Created by Melinda Ritz at the couples’ Beverly Hills’ home, this room makes effective use of natural light by positioning a skylight over the large shower. Simple wooden seats and a rattan basket prove the saying less is more.

Leonardo di Caprio and Caitlyn Jenner’s bathrooms are illustrated at Refinery29. Leonardo’s bathroom at his home in Palm Springs has a functional feel conveyed by the stainless steel washbasin and mirror and floor-to-ceiling tiny blue tiles. This is the bathroom of a man who doesn’t like fuss, while Caitlyn Jenner’s gives her plenty of space to spread out and create. A wide, deep room, this bathroom uses wood, mirrors and marble to add to the light, airy feel.

You might not have a spare million dollars lying around to buy a luxury home and pay a designer to design your bathroom, but celebrity bathrooms can give you an idea of the styles that appeal to you and reflect how you see your home. Do you prefer the clean, minimalist look of steel, tiles and glass, or the traditional feel of wood, brass and marble? When you have your bathroom just how you want it, those rare times when you can enjoy a long soak in the tub become that little bit more special.

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