Termites and Plumbing Problems: 3 Reasons to Schedule an Inspection


Termites and Plumbing Problems: 3 Reasons to Schedule an Inspection

“You have termites” may be the statement homeowners dread hearing most. These wood-devouring pests are responsible for $750 million worth of property damage for U.S. homeowners each year. As if an infestation isn’t bad enough on its own, termites and plumbing problems tend to go hand in hand. In fact, leaks, poor drainage and other plumbing issues are sometimes the reason termites show up in the first place. Here are three reasons to get a plumbing inspection if termites have ever been an issue in your home.

1. Termites Love Wet Wood

Plumbing leaks can cause the wood in your home to become wet. Eventually, the wood begins to degrade from water damage. At this point, the wood is especially vulnerable to termite infiltration. The softened, weakened wood is the perfect consistency for termites to dig in. Once you have termites, the problem can quickly turn into a full-blown infestation, which is where property damage dollars start to add up.

2. Find Termite-Attracting Plumbing Leaks

The types of plumbing leaks that might attract termite can be difficult to detect because they are often hidden behind walls or other places that aren’t easily accessible. You can check for leaks around bathtubs and underneath sinks, but it’s best to bring in an experienced plumber to conduct a thorough inspection. If you get rid of the termite problem without addressing a plumbing issue, you’ll find yourself stuck in a frustrating (and expensive) cycle. Inspecting your property for plumbing leaks yourself is simply not worth the risk of missing something important.

3. To Prevent Additional Problems

If your plumbing inspection does reveal damage, have it repaired right away. Talk to your plumber about ways you can ensure your plumbing system stays in good repair going forward. Regular plumbing maintenance plan can be incredibly valuable. Keeping your plumbing and the rest of your home in good repair now can save you money, time and stress in the future. If you’re buying a home, it’s always a good idea to have the entire plumbing system inspected for existing or imminent problems. If termites have been previously detected, a plumbing inspection is even more crucial.

For answers to your questions about termites and plumbing issues (or other plumbing-related insect problems), contact The Pink Plumber today. We offer thorough plumbing inspections conducted by experts in order to help catch problems before they get out of hand.