Take The Guesswork Out Of Troubleshooting Your Hot Water Heater


Take The Guesswork Out Of Troubleshooting Your Hot Water Heater

Recently one of our customers, Kimberly, called us to say that she was having issues with her hot water heater. While her and her husband kept making minor repairs here and there, it still wasn’t a complete fix. That’s when Kimberly decided to give us a call. We spoke with her about her experience here at The Pink Plumber. Here’s a bit more about Kimberly’s experience:

Our hot water heater started giving us trouble. It would get really hot and then not get warm at all. We initially called a random plumber from the yellow pages but the estimate was huge. My husband is pretty handy and we decided to try a few things ourselves. We changed out a few parts such as the thermocouple and the thermostat but it was still malfunctioning. That’s when I suggested that we should call The Pink Plumber and get a professional plumber out here to fix the issue.

When Geoff Small from The Pink Plumber arrived, he was able to start troubleshooting with the heater and determined that it was just a gas valve issue. He was able to save us more than $600 from what the other company quoted us. Plus, he was able to get the parts right away and we had hot water in no time!

The most impressive part of The Pink Plumber is the customer service. When I first called Brittany, she was friendly and went above and beyond to make sure that when the technician came out he would have extra parts available. She was able to get us scheduled the next day. When Geoff arrived, he was very polite and extremely efficient. He offered us tips on how to save more money on utility bills by upgrading our older unit to a new tankless heater in the future. He wasn’t trying to sell us but provide us valuable information. We could tell that he genuinely wanted us to save money and for that I will be calling The Pink Plumber in the future! The Pink Plumber is not only affordable and trustworthy, they really care about their customers.

Instead of tackling a plumbing issue on your own, give The Pink Plumber a call first, and see for yourself how they can help you with your hot water tank issues.