Summertime Plumbing Problems


Summertime Plumbing Problems

Most homeowners associate the summer months with cookouts and family vacations. However, few contemplate the potential plumbing problems that arise during this extremely active time of the year. Unfortunately, while the summer months are a time of increased outdoor activity, they also represent an increased workload on your plumbing system, which can lead to plumbing issues and costly repairs. Listed below are the most common summer time plumbing problems and some tips on how you can avoid them.

Summertime Septic Tank Problems

With the arrival of summer, you can expect increased rainfall and afternoon thunderstorms. The increased precipitation, while necessary, can have a negative impact on your septic system, especially with older or neglected systems. Septic systems rely on a drain or leach field to absorb household wastewater. When the ground becomes saturated with heavy amounts of rainwater, the leach field has a hard time absorbing it. Combined with the increased workload on the septic system during the summer from household guests, extra laundry and bathing, your system could experience a failure. By having your septic system serviced, inspected and pumped before summer or winter arrives, you can help to avoid unexpected failures and sewer backups, which can lead to costly home repairs throughout the year.

Summertime Water Heater Problems

While most water heater problems are most frequent during the winter, your system can experience problems during the summer months as well. Increased water use from extra laundry, showers and entertaining can affect the performance of your water heater. Rust, scale and sediment buildup in your water heater tank can become dislodged and find its way into your plumbing system due to the increased activity. Potential problems could include blocked or obstructed faucet aerators, decreased water heater performance and energy efficiency as well as discolored or odor emitting water. An annual water heater flush and tune up in spring will help your water heater maintain clean and ample hot water at your desired temperature levels throughout the year.

Summertime Plumbing Leaks

A myriad of plumbing leaks can develop during the summer months resulting from a hard freeze during the previous winter. They could be as simple as a hose bib leak or a more complicated issue related to a compromised water supply line, fitting or slab leak. If you discover a leaking water supply line or fixture or higher than normal monthly water bills, you should contact your plumber immediately to schedule repairs. A simple drip from an outdoor hose bib or plumbing fixture wastes hundreds of gallons of freshwater, one of earth’s most precious resources.

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