Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Plumbing


Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Plumbing

It’s not just closets and gutters that need to be cleaned out in the spring. Your plumbing should also get some attention. This spring cleaning checklist will help you address problems early on and keep your appliances and plumbing system in good condition so it can serve your household for a long time.

  • Toilets. Leaky toilets are problematic, in particular because they can leak for a long time without you knowing about it. Add a few drops of food coloring to the tank and wait for about a half an hour. If the water in the toilet bowl doesn’t run clear, the toilet is leaking. Get professional help to diagnose where the leak is coming from and expertly resolve the problem.
  • Drains. Stoppages in the drain can lead to slow-running water and stopped up drains in the long run. Preventive maintenance should include installing drain stoppers at each drain, and having a professional inspect the plumbing pipes to ensure no blockages are forming.
  • Water heater. Every year, an expert should drain the water heater tank, an important maintenance task that keeps it in good condition. Flushing the tank helps prevent corrosion. As the water runs out of the tank, so will sediment that’s built up inside that in turn, rusts out the tank and hinders efficiency.
  • Washing machine. The hoses that are worn or weak should be replaced. Worn hoses can burst, leading to flooding and water damage in the home. Dishwasher hoses pose the same problem, especially plastic hoses, which tend to last for about a decade or so.
  • Sump pump. Before the spring rains are in full force, check the sump pump’s ability to operate. You can pour a bucket of water into the pit to make sure the pump cycles on and pumps out the water. It’s best to have a professional assess its condition, as gravel, pebbles or dirt can get caught in the pump, hindering its ability to operate. Ask the plumber about installing a backup power source for the sump pump, so that you don’t run the risk of flooding if the power goes out and your sump pump can’t run. In addition, it’s possible to install a flood alarm that senses moisture, alerting you in advance to flooding.

Use this spring cleaning checklist to get ahead of your plumbing system’s health, and sit back and relax knowing that your plumbing systems are in great health. For expert advice or maintenance tips, contact your local plumbing experts. For answers to your questions, contact the Pink Plumber today.

Image Source: Flickr