Space Saving Plumbing Tips for your Bathroom


Space Saving Plumbing Tips for your Bathroom

Don’t let your small bathroom limit your creativity during a remodel. Maximize your bathroom area with these space saving plumbing tips during the design phase of your project. While it’s possible that most folks would enjoy a roman tub complete with separate shower, many bathrooms simply do not have the room to accommodate such luxuries. When space is limited, you can design your new bathroom to utilize space-saving fixtures and plumbing techniques that can project a larger bathroom area.

Pedestal Sinks

While a sink complete with vanity cabinet provides additional bathroom storage, it can really eat up floor space, which shrinks the overall appearance of the area. Pedestal sinks are an ideal way to increase floor area, which in turn makes your bathroom appear larger. The beautiful fixtures are available in a wide variety of styles and colors that fit most decors.

Tiny Corner Sinks

Small living is on the rise and manufacturers have taken notice. Today, many styles of small bathroom corner sinks are available that require less space versus traditional sinks. A corner sink is just that, a sink that mounts in the corner of the bathroom, using less space, which increases overall bathroom area.

Standing Shower

If you are a person who prefers to shower versus bathing, why not ditch the bathtub and install a standing shower? You can utilize the entire bathtub footprint for your new shower or use only a portion of it. The remaining space can be converted into storage or additional floor space.

Tub-Shower Combos

If you must have both a bathtub and shower, you might consider a tub-shower combo. Most people are familiar with a tub and shower combo since they were very common in homes built during the 70’s and early 80’s. Simply put, the practice maximized space but still provided both a tub and shower. A tub-shower combo is very practical for families with small children when a tub is almost a necessity.

Recessed Medicine Cabinets and Fixtures

You can create additional space by using recessed medicine cabinets and fixtures in your new bathroom. A recessed medicine cabinet—sometimes referred to as a flush mount—is a unit that installs within the wall cavity between two studs. Since the bulk of its storage area lies within the wall, your bathroom will appear larger and less cluttered. Other types of recessed bathroom fixtures you might consider are toilet paper dispensers, toothbrush holders and even recessed soap dishes.

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