Slow hot water? Put a stop to the struggle


Slow hot water? Put a stop to the struggle

The struggle is real. Slow hot water puts a damper on showers and daily activities, and it's just a plain nuisance. The good news is there are a host of solutions to choose from. Before you dive head first into the solution you think you can afford, talk to an expert to find out which solution works best for your home.

Is Your Hot Water Slow?

We've all been there, waiting for the shower to deliver hot water, while trying to stave off the cold. Or waiting for the faucet to deliver hot water, so we can safely remove germs and grime from dishes.

Solutions that Deliver

Stop the waiting, and get on the road to faster hot water delivery.

Here are the options that you can choose from:

  • Install a new hot water heater: If your unit is older, it may be time to replace it. As a water heater ages, it's heating element can wear down, and sediment and rust can impede heat transfer. That's just a fancy way to say that your hot water may not become hot as quickly as before.
  • Install a point-of-use water heater: This is a nifty, low-cost solution. Let's say that you have a bathroom at the far end of the home, and it's also furthest away from the water heater. No matter what you do, the water is never hot when it first comes out of the faucet, which means you have to have a lot of patience to use that bathroom. Installing a small heater at this point of use is a cost-effective fix. The tankless water heater installs under the cabinet or in a closet, and "boosts" the water heating for that room only. It acts as a completely separate heating unit from the tank-style water heater in your basement.
  • Install a recirculation pump: A recirculation pump attaches to your existing water heater, and gives the delivery of hot water to your entire home a boost. You'll need to also add a return-pipe system for this unit to work, but it pays off in the end because you'll reduce waste from waiting on the water to heat up.

Don't let your patience or comfort take the hit for slow hot water. Put an end to the problem, and talk to an expert about the right solution that fits your home's needs.

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