Signs You Need to Replace Your Water Softener

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Signs You Need to Replace Your Water Softener

Your home’s water softener performs a very important function for your plumbing system. Not only does it soften the water, it makes your clothes feel better, your skin healthier, and it allows you to use less soap. It also protects your pipes. Hard water is very hard on pipes, drains, and plumbing appliances. A water softener protects your plumbing from sediment buildup and leaks, all problems that are traced back to hard water. If your water softener isn’t working, this is a serious problem. It means your plumbing isn’t protected anymore. Keep reading to learn more about the signs that you need water softener repair.

 Lathering Problems

Is it getting harder to get a good lather when using soap? This is one of the first signs that your water softener isn’t working like it should. If you’re having a difficult time lathering up soap in the shower or you’re going through a lot of shampoo at a record pace, rinse off, dry off, and call a plumber to come check out your water softener.

Stiff Clothes

Laundry problems are another sign that your water softener is on the fritz. Do your clothes feel stiff or scratchy after you wash them? Are you going through a lot of fabric softener and not getting much better results? Hard water minerals make it difficult for your washing machine to do its job. Additionally, these minerals also settle into the machine and can cause parts to break down and wear out faster. Get this problem looked at right away to make sure your washing machine doesn’t experience problems due to your water softener not working well.

Mineral Buildup on Faucets

Take a look at the shower head in your bathroom. Is there any white, crusty buildup on the head? What about your sink faucets? Do they have this same white substance? The chalky substance you see is a sign that your hard water problems are back. Sometimes your water softener just needs to be adjusted. Other times, it may have a part that needs to be replaced. Regardless, have this checked out to prevent other hard water problems from following.

Stains in Your Toilets, Sinks, and Bathtubs

For many people, the brown, rust-colored stains in their toilets and other plumbing fixtures were the reasons they decided to get a water softener in the first place. While discolored water due to hard water isn’t harmful to you, it does leave your bathtubs, shower walls, and toilets looking dingy. So, if you notice that rust-colored stains in your tubs, toilets, and showers are making a comeback, take this as a sign to call a plumber for water softener replacement or repair.

The moment you suspect there’s a problem with your home’s water softener is the best time to call for plumbing service. Water that tastes bad, is discolored, or chalky substances on plumbing fixtures are sure signs that something isn’t right. Taking action sooner rather than later saves your plumbing and possibly prevents the need for water softener replacement.

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