Shower Seat Options to Consider


Shower Seat Options to Consider

A shower seat is a lifesaver for the elderly and disabled. When showering becomes a danger, compromising comfort and safety in the slippery space, shower seats save the day. In addition, they offer your loved ones a way to bathe comfortably without the worry of injury and without having to invest in a costly bathroom remodel.

Shower Seats 101

From basic benches to high-end options, look for these shower seat options in Atlanta when shopping for a solution:

  • A shower chair features a solid back and handles at the sides for gripping.
  • A shower bench doesn’t have a back, but it should have side handles for safety.
  • A shower seat with no back but side arms gives your loved one a heftier handle to hold on to.
  • A shower stool or bench is a basic option that can help individuals who are still fairly active and strong.
  • A shower chair that folds up is a useful option if space is tight in your bathroom.
  • A corner chair that fits neatly into a square shower space gives additional stability and saves on space.

Shower Chair Features

Choose a seat with at least some of these features, which promote durability, safety, and convenience:

  • Water resistant: Seats with water-resistant finishes will last longer and ward off wear and tear from moisture. The last thing you want to experience with a shower chair is mildew and mold problems.
  • Slip resistant: The bottom of the chair should have strong rubber stoppers that keep the seat in place at all times and resist slipping on the surface.
  • Adjustable legs: Choosing a chair that you can adjust to the user’s needs is ideal. Even if you choose a chair that you think will work, as your loved one loses physical ability, you may need a higher chair. If you purchase an adjustable chair, you can simply raise the seat at will.

Another factor to consider when buying a chair includes its overall size. Measure your bathtub or shower width before shopping and select a chair that will fit within the space. Take into consideration the width of the seat for the user’s comfort. Chair seats come in all shapes and sizes, and you can even choose a bariatric model for individuals over 250 pounds. From there, look at extras like a padded seat, comfortable armrests, compartments that hold shampoo and soap, and a place to rest a hand-held shower head.

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