Septic Tank Repairs that Point to a Pending Problem


Septic Tank Repairs that Point to a Pending Problem

A septic tank system is a private sewage treatment plant common when municipal services are out of reach or not cost effective. Regular septic tank service — pumping — is necessary to avoid costly drain field and septic tank repairs. Neglected septic systems sometimes develop symptoms that can alert you to pending repairs. Identifying them beforehand can allow you to make the necessary repairs before you lose service, which could lead to extensive home damage and costly repairs.

Drain or Leach Field Problems

A drain or leach field is where your home’s effluent — waste water — travels after it leaves the septic tank. Upon entering the drain field, the effluent percolates through perforated pipes and a gravel bed into the surrounding soils. If you notice standing water or consistently wet and muddy conditions over the drain field, it could indicate a pending drain field failure. Most often, drain field failure is a direct result of a neglected — failure to pump regularly — septic system.

Slow or Gurgling Toilets

A slow flushing toilet or one that makes gurgling sounds could be a sign of a pending septic system failure. Tanks requiring service or those near capacity can cause these fixtures to gasp for air and flush poorly. If you notice your toilets gurgling or burping, it is time to call a professional plumber to inspect your septic system, which could ward off additional home damage and septic tank repairs.

Slow Draining Tubs, Showers and Sinks

Most folks associate a slow draining tub, shower or sink with a sewer line blockage. While this is sometimes true, it can also indicate a problem with your septic system such as a failing leach field or a tank near its capacity.

Increasing Toilet, Sink and Tub Backups

A toilet, tub or sink backup is a sure sign of a plumbing problem. When only one of the fixtures is backing up, most likely the problem is a sewer line blockage. However, if they all back up at the same time, you have either a sewer line obstruction or a failing septic tank system and/or leach field.

Foul Odors Emitting From Leach Field

A leach field emitting foul odors usually means that solid waste has entered the all important drain field. When this happens, its drainage capabilities are diminished, which can lead to back ups and overflows. Immediate inspection is required to avoid additional damage to your septic system and/or home.

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