Septic Tank Maintenance: Pay a Little Now or Lots Later


Septic Tank Maintenance: Pay a Little Now or Lots Later

Homeowners know that, for most mechanical systems, investing in annual maintenance keeps major repair costs to a minimum. Often, regular maintenance can even help you avoid repairs entirely. The same adage holds true for septic tank maintenance. Maintaining the tank will help save you from outrageous repair bills down the road. It not only helps you keep more dollars in your pocket, but it also helps you avoid the headache of dealing with a messy repair and going without septic services.

What Happens When the Septic System Fails?

The most obvious reason for maintaining the septic system is to avoid a major breakdown. Not only is replacing the entire system costly, but dealing with the effects of a malfunctioning system is, well, nasty. Septic tank waste can get into the groundwater, affecting your own family and your entire community—and even wildlife. Human waste contains viruses and bacteria that cause serious health problems like hepatitis and dysentery. Further, the odor of escaped waste can be unbearable. You might even decide to stay in a hotel or at a friend’s house while the repairs are underway.

Why Is Maintenance a Must?

Here are some of the reasons why maintaining the septic tank should be at the top of your home maintenance checklist:

  • Durability: When you maintain the tank, it will last longer. One of the common contributors to septic failure is neglect. The average annual cost to maintain the system (a process that includes a full-scale inspection and pumping the tank) ranges between $100 and $300, according to Pipeline. Repairing the system can cost several thousand.
  • Safety: The health and welfare of your family (and your neighbors) depends on how well you care for the septic tank. Don’t risk exposing your loved ones and your community to hazardous household wastewater. Annual maintenance ensures that the wastewater is properly treated so that you don’t have to worry about contaminated drinking water and groundwater. Further, if the tank overflows or malfunctions, it can release hazardous chemicals that are supposed to treat the waste into the area.

Comparing the Lifetime Costs of Maintaining the Septic Tank

According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of septic tank repairs for Atlanta homeowners is over $2,000. In light of the cost of repairs, septic tank maintenance makes sense. Regular maintenance helps you avoid getting hit with an expensive bill unexpectedly. Start investing in the health of your septic tank system today, and avoid costly repairs tomorrow.

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