Risks Associated with Water Heater Leakage

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Risks Associated with Water Heater Leakage

A leaky water heater is cause for alarm, but too often people don’t realize there’s a problem. The reason this happens is that water heaters are tucked away in basements, utility closets, and garages. These are the places that people don’t pay a lot of attention to. Therefore, when a water heater leaks, it’s not always noticed right away. If a water heater leak goes unnoticed for too long, you risk the following damage.

Property Damage

The #1 threat from a leaky water heater is property damage. When a leak isn’t noticed right away, the chances are good that the water has lingered in one place for quite some time. This means that your flooring, walls, and belongings are at risk of being damaged. Because water heaters have the potential to develop leaks, it’s always recommended that you don’t store anything near the appliance.

Contaminated Water

One reason that water heaters develop leaks in the first place is because of rusty connections that fail. If rust is the reason for the leak, it’s possible that the water going to your faucets is contaminated with rusty water. You don’t want your family to drink rusty water or even take baths or showers with water that’s contaminated.


Lingering water leads to mold growth. When there’s mold in the home, it can affect how you and the other members of your household feel day in and day out. If any of your family members have respiratory problems like asthma, they are likely going to feel worse when there’s mold present in the home. Also, if you or your family members have allergies, the symptoms are worsened when mold is present.


If your water heater is located near an appliance that requires electricity, this is a major concern. Water mingling with electrical devices poses a huge threat of electrocution for children, pets, and anyone else in the household.

What to Do If You Think Your Water Heater Is Leaking

The very first thing you need to do is call a plumber. You need to have the problem diagnosed to figure out the next course of action. If the leak is obvious and there’s any appliance plugged in nearby, turn the appliance off at the circuit breaker. Never step over or in standing water and unplug an electrical cord. This is very dangerous, and you could be electrocuted. Also, keep the area blocked off from foot-traffic. Don’t let children or pets near the area.

Leaky water heaters happen for many reasons. When you have a water heater experiencing this problem, don’t wait to get answers. The longer you wait, the more likely it is for water damage and mold growth to occur. So, when you need a leaky water heater fixed, pick up the phone and call The Pink Plumber. Don’t hesitate!