Rinsing Makeup Down the Sink – Good or Bad


Rinsing Makeup Down the Sink – Good or Bad

It’s something many of us don’t think about when rinsing makeup down the sink, brushing teeth, shaving, or combing hair in the morning. Each of these processes creates “stuff” that attempts to make its way down the drain.

Results of “Stuff” down the Drain

Think about the materials that compose a lady’s makeup and what can happen after rinsing makeup down the drain. A cream foundation, shaving cream, soap, toothpaste, hair gels, and shampoo each has a mixture of ingredients that can include oil based products. As you know, oil and water does not mix.

Over time, mixture resulting from rinsing makeup down the sink combined with strains of hair from brushing, beard and mustache clippings, toothpaste residue, hair gel rinsed from your hands, and soap, combine into a sticky mass. The glob of debris will eventually not only clog up the drain but cause an unpleasant smell to emanate from the sink.

Allowing a sink to drain slowly for an indefinite period is not good for the pipes. Imagine that glob of debris and the ingredients that make up each of the potential drain clogging products. Products are designed for a specific purpose and combined together create a harsh environment. When combined with the minerals in the water, it can create an abrasive mixture that can lead to deterioration of the sink pipes. Pipes in a state of deterioration do not repair themselves resulting in leaks and breaks which can be both messy and costly.

Damage Control

For slow draining sinks, many over the counter products are specifically designed to dissolve the debris allowing it be flushed through the pipes with hot water. A clogged drain is a different situation and many times, requires the pipe under the sink be removed so the “trap” that captures debris can be cleaned.

One way to help avoid debris going down the sink is by using a filter or basket that fits inside the sink opening. The mesh or metal filter baskets come in a variety of sizes to fit both kitchen and bathroom drains. Periodic cleaning to remove soap, shaving cream, toothpaste scum, and hair debris will keep the water flowing and the sink drain free and clear.

If you’re not sure of what’s causing a slow or clogged drain, contact the Pink Plumber to answer all of your questions today. An experienced plumber will let you know what the problem is and how to resolve it in the most efficient way.