Plumbing Issue? Don’t Tackle It Alone. How The Pink Plumber Helped Tim With His Bathroom


Plumbing Issue? Don’t Tackle It Alone. How The Pink Plumber Helped Tim With His Bathroom

Slow flushing, backed up drains, and trickle filling tanks are all signs of a potential breakdown of your toilet system. Because your toilet is a viable component of your bathroom and your life, there’s no time for a breakdown. We recently spoke with one of our customers, Tim, here at The Pink Plumber and asked him what he thought about his overall experience with us.

Because customer care is our number one concern, we asked him why he would choose to call us over another company. He replied; “I’ve heard great reviews about The Pink Plumber and how fast and fair they are with prices and service. They more than met my highest expectations. I had a toilet that wasn’t working well and I needed someone to come in who was knowledgeable and reasonably priced. My tech, Adam did a great job and went above what I would have expected. He came in, looked at my toilet and the plumbing and addressed the issue right away.”

We strive to remain competitive within the cost market. That is why all product options are generally offered on the table. In Tim’s case, he needed a new toilet immediately. Adam recommended getting a toilet from a local home improvement store so the job could be completed quickly to meet Tim’s needs. “Adam gave me all of the cost options and ultimately recommended his choice. He went and picked up the correct model and toilet that I needed for my home. He was back quickly and replaced the plumbing and toilet right away. No waiting an extra day to get the problem remedied.” said Tim. The Pink Plumber pros can sit down and discuss the best options for fixing your plumbing problem and finance choices that are within your budget.

Making sure that all of your questions are answered professionally and timely is something The Pink Plumber prides itself on. When you call our staff, you’ll be transferred right away to a professional who is trained to answer questions to some of the toughest and most complex toilet and plumbing issues. Tim mentioned that Adam was very professional and also knowledgeable about toilets and plumbing related issues. Tim also said; “I will definitely use The Pink Plumber again in the future. I’ve shared my story with neighbors who may need plumbing services as well.”

Don’t put off plumbing issues any longer. For answers to your questions, contact The Pink Plumber today to evaluate your home’s plumbing system.