Notice Foundation Cracks? Here’s Why You Might Need a Plumber

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Notice Foundation Cracks? Here’s Why You Might Need a Plumber

Most homeowners know they should immediately call a foundation repair company if they notice cracks in their home. However, it is also important to call professional plumbers in at the same time. Here are three reasons to call a plumbing company if you find cracks in your foundation.

Plumbing Problems May Have Caused the Cracks

If your home has a concrete slab foundation, there’s a good chance that plumbing caused your problem. Cracked or leaking pipes buried in the foundation often create cracks in older concrete foundation. If your home has low water pressure, a weird smell, or high water bills, it’s possible you have a leak. You’ll need a plumber to either repair or reroute the leaking pipes under your foundation.

Foundation Cracks Cause Plumbing Problems

On the flip side, cracks in your home’s foundation may also cause new plumbing problems. Any shift in your foundation or the soil in your yard can cause plumbing lines to separate or crack. In such an instance, you will most likely face many of the same problems outlined above unless you have a plumber immediately identify and repair the damage.

If you’re not sure whether the plumbing problems should be repaired before the foundation is repaired, ask both a plumber and foundation repair company about the nature of the damage and the best way to address it. In some cases the foundation may need to be fixed first; in other instances, the plumbing problem will need to be corrected before the foundation is repaired.

Plumbing Problems Lead to Other Problems

Foundation cracks are a serious problem that can lead to major structural damage. However, plumbing problems are serious as well. Cracked home sewer lines may cause mold growth in the home, that can lead to extensive damage and potential health problems. Rodents, roaches and other pests can also get into a home through small cracks in the sewer line.

It is not uncommon for foundation cracks to cause plumbing problems and vice versa. If you notice your home’s foundation has one or more cracks, you will need to not only call a foundation repair service but also a plumber as soon as possible. While plumbing problems related to foundation cracks are not always quick to fix, it is far better to deal with the issue when it is small than wait until serious structural damage occurs.

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