Never Flush Items That Folks Flush Anyway


Never Flush Items That Folks Flush Anyway

Some things are not meant to enter your toilet or your home’s sewage system. These “never flush” items can cause a sewage line blockage and damage, which could lead to costly repairs to restore your service. They also carry the potential to damage your home’s flooring, walls and baseboard should your toilet’s or sinks overflow.

Kitty Litter

While flushing kitty litter is wrong on all levels, it is understandable why some folks think this is okay. The fact is that kitty litter contains clay, sand and other chemicals that are not suited for a sewage system or septic tank for that matter. In addition, pet waste contains toxins and parasites that are very harmful to our environment.


While most folks know the negative consequences — clogged drains –of rinsing grease and cooking oils down the kitchen drain, many seem to think it is okay to flush these items down the bathroom commode. Maybe it is because they assume the larger sewage pipes of a toilet can easily handle it. The truth is that grease and oils solidify once exposed to cold water causing them to cling to the inner walls of sewage pipes, no matter how large. As time passes, the layers of grease can grow and trap other debris, reducing water flow and eventually clogging your sewage lines.

Cigarette Butts

A cigarette butt is essentially a filter designed to trap harmful chemicals present in tobacco from entering your body. It doesn’t make much sense to flush these little toxic bombs down the drain and into the ground water supplies.

Prescription Medication

Never flush pharmaceutical medications. This applies to both human and pet medication. What seems like a safe and easy way to dispose of your unwanted medication, can introduce harmful chemicals into our lakes, rivers, streams and ground water supplies. Most pharmacies will properly dispose of your unwanted medications free.

Dental Floss

Keep dental floss out of your home’s sewage system. Aside from the fact it is not biodegradable, dental floss can become entangled in the sewer line and act as a catch-all for all sorts of other debris. As time passes, the obstruction will grow, slowing household drains and/or leading to a complete blockage.


The chances of flushing a disposable diaper down the toilet are slim to say the least. Aside from it containing harmful plastic and absorbents that should never enter the water system, odds are it will instantly clog your toilet and lead to a nasty backup.

The fact of the matter is, with the exception of toilet paper, if it doesn’t come out of your body, it should never go down the toilet. For answers to your questions, contact The Pink Plumber today.