Murky Water from your Faucet may Indicate a Serious Plumbing Problem


Murky Water from your Faucet may Indicate a Serious Plumbing Problem

When you turn on the faucet does your water sometimes appear cloudy or discolored? Experiencing cloudy or murky water from your faucet could be a sign of a more serious plumbing issue developing in your home’s plumbing system. Aside from the fact you would not want to drink or bathe with dirty looking, murky water from your faucet for obvious health reasons, it can also lead to dingy or discolored clothing and bath fixtures such as your toilet and tub. Several plumbing issues can lead to murky or cloudy water coming from your taps. Below we will discuss several of the most common issues associated with this problem.

Municipal Water Supply

Homes connected to a municipal water supply — city water — are connected to a water meter and charged a monthly fee. Sometimes, activity or repairs throughout the municipal system can cause murky water from your faucet. For instance, periodic maintenance or a break on a water main can stir up sediment throughout the system causing your tap water to look murky. You should alert your local municipality of the problem and to determine if recent maintenance in your area is causing the problem.

Well Water

Private wells are not immune from murky water problems. Excessive ground pumping in the area can stir up sand and silt in the aquifer causing cloudy or murky water to pour out of your tap. Well water systems are also notorious for delivering iron laden and sulfur smelling water to the household.

Deteriorating Pipes

Older homes — those built before the advent of PVC “poly vinyl chloride” — often were fitted with galvanized plumbing systems. Although galvanized plumbing is extremely durable, it begins to deteriorate as it ages. As the galvanized pipes deteriorate, they produce rust that will mix with your tap water. This can lead to cloudy or murky water as well as those unsightly rust stains in your sink.

Water Heaters

Water heaters can sometimes cause murky water from your faucet. As a water heater ages, its metal components can rust, leading to discolored water. Sediment buildup in the bottom of the tank can also become disturbed and cloud your tap water. Plumbing contractors recommend periodic water heater maintenance such as flushing, anode replacement and inspection to keep the appliance at peak performance.

If you are experiencing murky water from your faucet, contact your local plumbing contractor to assess and correct the problem. Failure to address a murky water problem may lead to more costly repairs down the road.

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