Maintenance of Your Home Drain Pays Off


Maintenance of Your Home Drain Pays Off

It’s okay if you don’t like to think about drain maintenance. After all, drains are where everything smelly and unpleasant in your plumbing usually goes. But, they still need a little care and attention if you want to avoid truly messy problems in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and other areas. Here are the down-and-dirty details on drain clogs and what to do about them.

Drain Clogs and Causes

Obviously a clogged drain isn’t a good thing – it causes overflowing water, nearby moisture problems and a nasty stink. But what happens when a drain clogs? Some problems are obvious: putting too much solid waste down a drain will clog it. Forcing an object down a drain where it doesn’t belong is another recipe for disaster. So is the big kitchen no-no of putting grease down a sink drain, where it will sit the trap until the drain is blocked.

But there are other, more insidious drain problems that happen over time. Biofilms can build up in even the cleanest drains and eventually cause problems with water flow. Dirt and particles can settle in pipes near drains and slowly block them. Food and hair can join together to form impermeable barriers…and suddenly you’ve got problems. This is why ongoing maintenance is important.

Tips on Drain Maintenance

  • Wipe off plates and pans into the garbage.
  • Never put non-disposable materials down the drain.
  • Clean up those hair mats and check bathtub stoppers for build-up every few months.
  • Running a mix of hot water and vinegar down pipes can help improve water flow. Avoid using chemical cleaners except in emergencies.
  • Avoid putting raw veggies, coffee grounds or rice down your garbage disposal.
  • Don’t mix chemicals and pipe work: if you’ve poured drain cleaner down pipes, don’t start messing with wrenches or plungers. Leave the pipes alone for at least a day to avoid getting splashed with toxic chemicals.

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