Maintaining Digital Shower Controls


Maintaining Digital Shower Controls

Having digital shower controls at your fingertips can turn your shower into a relaxing and stress-free oasis. To keep electronic digital shower controls in good working order requires ongoing maintenance. Use these helpful tips to keep the components working efficiently.

Types of Shower Panels

How you maintain the panel will depend on the setup currently in your bathroom (shower only or shower and bathtub) as well as the functions available for you to use. The first type of panel uses the already-installed shower head and the cold- and hot-water knobs. The panel uses the existing water line for the shower head. The existing hot and cold knobs continue to control the water temperature.

The second type is a thermostatic panel with pressure balancing. This type is usually installed in new homes or those undergoing remodeling and renovation of the bathroom. With this type, everything is all-inclusive, meaning that the panel handles the regulation of the hot- and cold-water controls as well as balancing the pressure of the water. These panels may be equipped with additional features, such as a water temperature display, LED lighting, handheld remotes to control the panel and shower heads with multi-function capabilities.

Another type consists of a wall-mounted control panel that adjusts the accompanying shower head. Depending on the manufacturer and the style, a few of the features available include Wi-Fi connectivity, Smartphone applications, steam, music, and touchable and non-touchable LCD screens.

Cleaning Panels

Keeping the finish and internal components working and looking their best requires a few easy steps. There are several finishes including acrylic, chrome, brass, stainless steel and plastic. For example purposes, an acrylic finish is used for this article.

  • If your control panel is made of acrylic, do not use any type of abrasive cleaner. Using an abrasive cleaner can both scratch and dull the luster of the finish.
  • Do not use mineral spirits, acetone, or cleaners with a solvent base, as these can cause damage.
  • Use soft cloths to polish an acrylic panel.
  • Use items such as a quality polishing compound, polishing paste or even toothpaste to remove grime or build-up.
  • For chips or minor scratches, acrylic repair kits are available

Maintaining Panels

The internal components of a digital shower panel should not be manually cleaned or maintained, except as directed in the manufacturer’s instructions or as needed by a plumbing professional. Check the terms of your product warranty to be sure that whatever steps you take to maintain the panel are consistent with the instructions so that you don’t invalidate the warranty.

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