Kitchen Remodel: 7 Questions to Ask Your Plumber Before Renovation


Kitchen Remodel: 7 Questions to Ask Your Plumber Before Renovation

Remodeling your kitchen is an exciting task that promises to increase your enjoyment of your home and its value. Make the kitchen remodel experience as trouble-free as possible by addressing plumbing concerns before any work is done. Here are the top questions to ask your plumber prior to remodeling.

1. Should you reuse or replace kitchen appliances?

If you’re trying to keep costs down and your appliances are still in good condition, it may make sense to incorporate them into your kitchen remodel. It’s possible to paint appliances in black, white or even stainless steel to match your new design. Older appliances should probably be replaced during renovation. It’s easier to install a new refrigerator into a kitchen during remodeling than afterwards.

2. Can you move appliances?

How far you can move appliances from where they are currently located will depend on the location of your water and gas lines and electrical outlets. Generally, you can’t relocate appliances that need water, such as dishwashers, more than a few inches without installing new lines. Knowing where your lines are will help you design your kitchen and choose appliances.

3. Does piping need to be replaced?

Depending on the age of your plumbing piping and the material it’s made from, you may need to replace some or all of the piping during a kitchen remodel. Gas line pipes may also require conversion for new gas appliances. An experienced plumber can give you an accurate assessment of the integrity of your piping and advise on any needed replacements.

4. When should you choose a sink?

Many plumbing professionals will suggest choosing your sink first. The best option is to pick the sink and then build the kitchen around the sink. This may save the remodelers from installing cabinets or counter tops only to discover that the sink doesn’t fit. You may also find that your current plumbing needs to be altered for the sink you choose. This is much easier done prior to the sink installation.

5. Do you have plumbing vents?

A high-quality plumbing technician knows how imperative it is to have plumbing vents. Proper venting ensures airflow for the release of sewer gases, as well as the intake of oxygen, which regulates drainage. Ensuring that all ventilation is working properly prior to the kitchen remodel is much easier than going in later to make repairs.

6. When should you install flooring?

It’s generally best to install flooring first. That way the remodelers don’t have to cut the flooring to fit after installation of appliances, the sink and other elements.

7. What permits for plumbing are required?

Depending on the permitting laws where you live, you may need a permit if you’ll be adding or moving plumbing. Researching what permits are required, if any, will help you plan your kitchen remodel budget and timeline.

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