It’s the Journey, 2-Day Cancer Charity Walk


It’s the Journey, 2-Day Cancer Charity Walk

At the Pink Plumber, we look forward to participating in the annual Atlanta 2-Day Cancer Charity Walk for Breast Cancer as a B’Rest Stop. Produced by “It’s the Journey,” the 30-mile walk to be held this year from October 15-16, raises funds for the fight against breast cancer.

Consisting of a 20-mile walk on Saturday and a 10-mile walk on Sunday, the event has raised $12 million in funds over the last 13 years. Money raised by the nonprofit has funded 270 grants that have provided women of Georgia with breast cancer screening and early detection, education, genetic counseling, research and support services.

2-Day Cancer Charity Walk History
Founded in 2002 by breast cancer survivor Randi Passoff, the event replaced the Avon 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk that happened to leave Atlanta that same year. Passoff decided that it would be a good idea for Atlanta to have a fundraising event to generate money to help support those affected by breast cancer in Georgia.

In recognition of the varying health conditions and abilities of walkers, Passoff created a “kinder and gentler” cancer charity walk. Whereas the Avon walk spanned three days, involved walking 60 miles and sleeping in tents, the Atlanta 2-Day Walk only covers 30 miles in two days and walkers sleep in a hotel. Participants also have the choice of just walking the 20 miles Saturday or the 10 miles Sunday, if they prefer. This also allows for two-day walking teams, who can share and transfer funds.

Funds Raised Help Many
The support of walkers, volunteers and donors enabled It’s the Journey’s Atlanta 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer to fund breast health services in 90 counties throughout Georgia. Funds raised have gone to a wide variety of breast cancer and breast health programs in the state. This year, with funds raised from the 2015 2-Day Walk, It’s the Journey granted a total of $821,661 to 28 breast health and breast cancer programs in Georgia.

Recipients of funding included Athens Regional Foundation, Atlanta Cancer Care Foundation, Cancer Coalition of South Georgia, Cancer Support Community Atlanta, The Good Samaritan Health Center, Inc., The Health Initiative, Macon Volunteer Clinic, East Georgia Cancer Coalition, TurningPoint Breast Cancer Rehabilitation, Wellstar Foundation and Research-Emory University.

As It’s the Journey contends, the fight against breast cancer is a true journey and an ongoing battle. Those involved in the effort show that with persistence, determination and courage, we can all do our part to combat breast cancer.

In addition to our involvement with the 2-Day Cancer Charity Walk, at the Pink Plumber, a portion of all of our revenue goes toward the fight against breast cancer. We are available to handle all of your plumbing needs. For answers to your questions and service, contact the Pink Plumber today.