Is Your Toilet in Need of New Plumbing Lines?


Is Your Toilet in Need of New Plumbing Lines?

The toilet is one of a home’s silent workhorses. It is subjected to a heavy workload since it’s a home appliance that is constantly used on a daily basis. It can work diligently for many years performing the task it was designed to do, usually without costly failures.

Aside from the components inside its tank, the toilet is immune to most other malfunctions. However, plumbing lines for the toilet can fail and cause extensive damage to your home, leaving you with expensive water damage and cleanup costs. Below you will find common problems associated with the plumbing lines leading to and from your toilet.

Toilet Water Line

The bulk of the water line supplying your toilet usually runs under the house, either through a crawl space or underneath a concrete slab. If the line develops a leak, you could be subjected to increased — if not astronomical — water bills. Periodic inspection can verify the line is not leaking and head off these unfortunate costs. Homes with old, galvanized plumbing are extremely vulnerable to rust. If you are experiencing rust in your toilet bowls or sinks, it could be a sign of pipe deterioration that should be addressed as soon as possible.

Toilet Supply Line

The toilet supply line is the plastic or braided steel line connected to the shut-off valve and toilet. In most cases, the supply line is in plain view and is easy to inspect. If the line were to burst, your homes interior would be subjected to massive amounts of water leading to extensive damage and repair costs. Replace old or discolored supply lines to avoid this unfortunate circumstance happening to you.

Toilet Sewer Line

The sewer line connects to your toilet and the main sewer or septic tank. If a blockage develops in the line, sewage can back up into your home. Older homes fitted with clay or cast iron pipes, which are prone to cracks, rust and scale buildup are more at risk than newer homes fitted with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) lines. Serious cases might involve total collapse of the pipe, which would require complete replacement. Periodic inspection, cleaning and repair can help to avoid this problem and save you thousands in repair costs.

If you are experiencing trouble with plumbing lines for the toilet, hire an experienced plumbing contractor to inspect and repair the problem. Failure to address any issues can lead to extensive damage and costly repairs throughout your home.

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