Is There a Hidden Leak in Your Plumbing System?


Is There a Hidden Leak in Your Plumbing System?

Many unsuspecting homeowners have fallen prey to a hidden leak in their home’s plumbing system. Most often, the realization hits home when they discover a drastic increase in their monthly water bill. In addition, a hidden plumbing leak can cause severe damage to your home, costing you even more out-of-pocket expense in home repairs. The following post outlines methods you can use to determine if you are suffering the consequences of a hidden leak, and what you should do if you suspect or discover one.

High Water Bill

As mentioned above, most folks suspect something is awry in their plumbing system when they receive an unusually high water bill. When your monthly water bill spikes more than a few dollars, unless someone has left the hose running outside, you have a hidden leak problem somewhere in your home.

Running Meter

An easy way to determine if your plumbing system is leaking water is to do a water meter check. First, turn off all water-consuming appliances and plumbing fixtures in your home. Note the time and position of the needle on the water meter dial. After about 10 to 20 minutes, check the needle’s position again. If the needle has moved, it is a good sign you have a hidden leak. In addition, many water meters incorporate a small red or blue triangle in the center of the dial that detects low flow rates through the meter. If the triangle is turning even slightly, you most likely have a leak. Digital meters often include a flow rate display. The flow rate display should read zero when all water-consuming devices in your home are turned off.

Other Signs of a Hidden Leak

These additional signs can point to a hidden plumbing leak.

  • Damp Soil: If you notice an area of your yard that always seems to be damp, it could indicate a leak in an underground water line.
  • Running Toilet: When you hear dripping or trickling sounds coming from your toilet, or it continues to run long after you flush it, you have a problem.
  • Ground Erosion: Ground erosion in your yard or anywhere around the foundation of your home could also indicate a leaking water supply or sewer line.
  • Damp and/or Warm Floor: A damp or warm spot on your floor is a good indication that you have a leaking hot or cold water supply line or slab leak underneath your concrete slab.

If your home is exhibiting any of the signs mentioned above, or you simply suspect something has gone wrong with your plumbing system, schedule an inspection with your plumbing contractor as soon as possible. For answers to your questions, contact The Pink Plumber today.