Is the Best Drain Cleaner “Green”?


Is the Best Drain Cleaner “Green”?

Clogged drains are a nuisance. When considering the best drain cleaner, it’s good to know what type of drain cleaner to use. Green cleaners are increasingly being used to unclog drains, but are they the best drain cleaner available? Consider the pros and cons of green cleaners.

How Green Drain Cleaners Work

Green drain cleaners generally consist of enzymes or bacteria, which are microscopic organisms that consume, break down and digest waste in pipes, such as built up hair or food. In addition to feeding on the waste, they also multiply, which makes them more powerful and able to consume even more waste. They are sometimes considered the best drain cleaner option, because they contain natural ingredients that are gentler on pipes than chemical drain cleaners.

Disadvantages to Green Drain Cleaners

When choosing the best drain cleaner, consider that green cleaners do have some disadvantages. The biggest drawback is the fact that since they do work through clogs by consuming the buildup, they work much more slowly than chemical drain cleaners. They may also not eat their way all the way through the clog and you may need to have your plumbing professional do more than one application in order to get your drain running freely once again.

Green drain cleaners aren’t always readily available, and they tend to have a shorter shelf life than chemical drain cleaners. Green cleaners also don’t tend to do as good a job breaking down hair buildup as they do food accumulation in the pipes.

Drain Pipe Maintenance

Your plumbing professional may advise that a green drain cleaner is applied to your drains on a regular basis in order to maintain the drains flowing freely. This is especially important to do if your pipes are prone to clogging. Once they are clear, the best drain cleaner can continue to keep the pipes free flowing.

When your plumbing professional applies a drain cleaner to your drains, make sure to follow directions carefully. Green drain cleaners may not be as toxic as chemical ones, but they are still drain cleaners, so it’s important to keep that in mind.

Clog Prevention

It’s good to know that green drain cleaners offer an ideal way to help prevent sink clogs in your home. Other good prevention tips include keeping drain strainers in place, which will prevent hair and food from going down the drain and causing a problem.

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