Is a Tree Growing Into Your Sewer Line? Here’s What to Do


Is a Tree Growing Into Your Sewer Line? Here’s What to Do

Some types of trees have roots that extend far beyond the tree itself in search of water and nutrients. If these roots interfere with the sewer line, you can encounter severe plumbing blockages and damaged pipes in your yard.

Initially, you may not be able to tell that a root is a reason for plumbing problems in your home. However, if you live in an older home, have a number of trees on your land and are experiencing frequent plumbing problems, these are signs that a tree root may be the culprit. Here’s what to do if you encounter trees growing into your sewer line.

The First Signs of a Tree Root Blockage

If your sink, bathtub or toilet is making a gurgling sound, this is often the first sign that a tree root is encroaching on the sewer line. Tree roots can interfere with the way waste flows through your pipes, causing waste to build up. If you are experiencing this type of plumbing issue frequently and live on an older property with a number of trees, contact a professional plumber. They can determine if tree roots are the problem.

Remove the Roots and Repair the Damage

If tree roots are the issue, the plumber will first remove the roots causing the blockage. They will then clear the blockage and repair any damage to the pipes. When repairing the damage, your plumber can take certain precautions to ensure that this particular issue doesn’t interfere with your sewer line in the future. This often involves employing root control methods and placing barriers between the roots and the pipes.

Prevent Future Tree Root Problems

To ensure tree roots don’t interfere with your home’s sewer lines again, consider removing the tree from your yard. In addition, if you’re planning a landscaping project, be sure to plant trees far away from your sewer lines. The trees that are likely to cause the most damage in your yard include sycamore, cottonwood, aspen, river birch and certain types of maple trees.

If you suspect tree roots are growing into your sewer line, contact a plumber immediately to inspect the area and resolve the issue. Swift attention to the problem now will help to prevent severe plumbing problems later. Contact The Pink Plumber today to schedule a consultation with an experienced professional.