Installing a Bidet? For Cleanliness That’s Next to Godliness


Installing a Bidet? For Cleanliness That’s Next to Godliness

At one time, bidets were reserved for visits to other countries and fancy hotels. These days, that’s no longer true. As people learn the benefits of installing a bidet in their homes, and manufacturers make innovative types of bidets, they are becoming more common in the home.

You don’t need to completely disrupt your plumbing to install a bidet in your home. Even if you have a small bathroom with no space for a fixture, you can still install a bidet. That’s because of the many kinds of bidets available. Bidets run from the full, toilet-sized fixture that sits next to your original toilet to smaller toilet-seat attachments.

Installation Tips

If you want a full-sized bidet, you’ll need to call a plumber. Installing this kind of bidet requires you to have enough extra room in your bathroom near your toilet to fit another fixture. The installation requires some professional-grade tasks, such as roughing in plumbing lines. If you have the space for this kind of bidet, hire out the job.

Even if you opt for an attachment seat, it’s worth hiring a pro to do the job. One mistake with plumbing can cause serious headaches down the line—and who wants to clean up the mess from a leaky water line? The plumber will shut off the water, disconnect the water hose, attach a T-connection, and connect the seat’s plumbing. Take advantage of our quality service, and hire a professional to install your new bidet.

Bidet Benefits

There are benefits to installing a bidet in your home including conservation and cleanliness:

  • Conserving paper: Using a bidet helps cut down on toilet paper use. Ultimately, your family will use less toilet paper, and you’ll save a few trees. You’ll also be doing your septic tank or sewer lines a favor by removing a material that can take time to break down.
  • Conserving water: It may seem counterintuitive to use more water to save some trees, but by using less paper and fewer trees, you help cut down on the water used to manufacture toilet paper.
  • Deluxe hygiene: If you find that you prefer to use water to perform personal hygiene, a bidet eliminates the need to step into the shower. For people suffering from certain medical problems, the bidet provides a convenient way to stay clean.

Delight in the hygienic, luxurious bidet experience, and never worry about running out of toilet paper again.

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Image source: Flickr