If I am Seeing Bugs, Could I Have a Bathroom Leak?

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If I am Seeing Bugs, Could I Have a Bathroom Leak?

What do insect infestations have to do with a plumbing leak? In some cases, quite a lot. Plumbing leaks and bug infestation are close cousins. Both can cause extensive damage to your home and potential health hazards to you and your family.

The Connection Between Bugs and Bad Plumbing

The reason that insects often appear when there’s a plumbing leak is simple: They are attracted to the water and will congregate wherever they can find it. While it’s a commonly told tale that insects will enter your house through drains, it’s much more likely that they’ll get in through a door, window or other opening. If you have a puddle of water somewhere, often as a result of a bathroom leak, it’s like an oasis for wayward insects.

You probably know that an unnoticed plumbing leak can cause damage to wood components in your home. But you may not know that once the structure of wood has been weakened from water damage, it’s an open invitation to wood-boring insects such as termites to move in and start munching.

Bugs Don’t Always Indicate a Plumbing Problem

Just because you see a bug in your bathroom doesn’t mean you have a bathroom leak or that you should panic. However, if you notice insects gathering somewhere in your kitchen, bathroom or another area where plumbing pipes or fixtures are present, you may want to investigate further.

Areas where insect infestations related to plumbing leaks may occur include:

So You Found a Leak

If you do find a plumbing leak anywhere in your home or property, clean up any water right away to deter insects and prevent further damage to your home. Next, call a trusted plumber to diagnose and address the problem before it becomes a much bigger one. Another note about dealing with plumbing leaks of any size: don’t try to fix it yourself. DIY can be a good route to take for small house repairs that don’t involve critical systems, but your home’s plumbing affects the overall usability of your home.

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